Monetisation – it’s the stuff bloggers and community owners dream of!

If you’ve got a lively social media page that gets excellent chatter and has some decent numbers, it’s time to monetise with BuzzSocial.  Are you:Untitled design (37)

  • Australian based, talking to Aussie audiences?
  • You’re over 18 years of age
  • You have an ABN
  • A social media fiend with mad skills
  • An influencer of thousands of Australians who love what you do, and do what you say?
  • A master of copy – do you know how to get your tribe excited about a product or service?
  • You’re the consummate professional who wants to monetise and grow

Yes? Then we want you!

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Australia’s simplest monetisation option for bloggers and social influencers

  • No agencies.  No tracking codes.  No sales pitch.  No direct clients at all.  It’s a fast, simple way to make money online.
  • Brief comes in from client
  • Check it out, and check them out
  • Accept brief
  • Schedule, share or live post (depending on the brief)
  • Submit screenshots
  • Get paid.

Drama-free monetisation

We’ll connect you with brands and agencies who are dying to meet your audience.  We’ll pay you to do a killer shoutout, regram, retweet, snap or pin on your social media pages.  You get the brief, check out the brand, accept and then do your shoutout.  Send us a screenshot of your stats and bam, we’ll pay you.  It’s the easiest monetisation strategy ever.

Will I need to prop endlessly?

If you’ve spent time on apps where you have to write a million and one props just to get a gig then you might be raising a skeptical eyebrow right now.  We don’t make you prop for anything.  It’s up to the business owner to choose you based on your stats and reviews.  They’ll tell you approximately what needs saying, or give you a status to share – no prop needed!  You can simply share or spin it for your audience.

What if I don’t feel like the brand is a good fit?

You’ll be “hand picked” by the agency or business – so there’s a good chance of a good fit.  If you absolutely don’t want to do the shoutout, that’s OK, shoot us an email telling us your reasons why and we’ll refund the advertiser.  Obviously, we want our campaigns to go ahead smoothly but if it’s a really bad fit, then there’s no benefit for anybody.

How much should I charge?

There is no right answer for this.  Various apps and blogger networks will make suggestions but it comes down to influence – and that’s harder to put a penny value on!  We’ve gathered data from dozens of Australian influencers (big and small) about their charges and activities and broken it down to CPM – cost per 1000 impressions.  This is how both traditional media and CPM based digital campaigns measure value.  CPC is a bit harder with Instagram not being clickable – and it doesn’t account for “branding value” which is arguably the most valuable part of a social media campaign.

What your shoutout is worth comes down to the happiness of the advertiser.  They’ll be asked to star rate you for value for money.  Your prices will also be displayed side by side with other influencers. Your shout out will be of more value to a well suited brand because it will get bigger and better results.  On sign up you will receive an email with some data about industry averages that will help you decide what you should charge for your activities.

Untitled design (38)How much do I get paid?

You name your price and let the market dictate!  If you’re finding that you’re not getting many shoutouts, it might be time to consider the value you’re delivering to clients.  We have a ‘rating system’ and will happily add proof of your awesomeness to your profile.  It’s all about results.  If you’re the top influencer in a small niche, you’re more valuable to niche advertisers than a MASSIVE general page.


What if I have other stuff scheduled?

All your shoutouts need to happen between 7 and 9pm local time.  You’ll get a “window” of a few days in which to schedule it and all bookings are made in advance.

What if I have conflicting monetisation projects in place?

We understand that professional bloggers and influencers have monetisation strategies in place.  If you’re working with a brand already, we don’t expect you to promote their competitors too.  When you sign up, you can tell us the kinds of brands you won’t work with.  If a job comes up and you’re already working with a competitor, you can turn down the brief.

How do I get my money?

In the first week of each month, you’ll be paid for the previous month’s activities.  As long as your shoutout is “on brief” and your screenshots are lodged by the last day of the month, you’ll be paid – via Paypal.  We’re working on introducing other payment methods now, so please do add our email address to your “safe list”.

What about blog monetisation?

If a client is delighted with your social media activity, we may approach you to do sponsored posts on your blog.  If you don’t accept sponsored posts as part of your blog monetisation plan, that’s OK, just let us know.

Is there a minimum number of likers or followers that I need?

No but the more engaged, authentic followers you have, the more likely it is you’ll get bookings.   We happily accept pages or profiles with under 5000 followers if you target a specific niche or geographical location.  We also accept commercial influencers (online stores for example) with smaller audiences who are happy to partner with other, complementary products.  This might be toy shops, happy to shout out to kids clothing stores, for example.