Need a social media strategy with buzz?  At BuzzSocial, we deliver social strategy that’s unmatched and unreplicable.   Take your place in a powerful and socially savvy network of digital professionals, and see what a difference influencer marketing makes.  Grow the right audience.  Connect with the right influencers.  Turn it up to 11 with a social media strategy powered by KPIs and proven with data.

Our Social Media Strategist, Kristy Edwards, works with some of Australia’s most influential brands… but she also knows how to grow a social media presence from start up to big shot.  Tap Kristy’s exclusive social networks and discover how to hack growth and create a compelling and remarkable social presence.

Do you need a professional social media strategy?

Do you need customers or just presence?  If you’re just after a page to display your wares that doesn’t lead to real click through and sales then you don’t need a social media strategy.  If you’re after real return on investment, real engagement and real results then a strategic, KPI driven plan isn’t just recommended, it’s at the core of what you do!


Meet your strategist

Kristy Edwards Social StrategistKristy Edwards leads a team of social media specialists and an exclusive network of digital influencers.  Her approach to social is about building authentic and long term relationships with the right audience and partners.  An audience that needs your products and partners that can connect you with them.  Kristy’s documented successes include:

  • driving over 200,000 visitors per month to a leading Australian digital magazine
  • generating tens of thousands of dollars in sales for a leading jewellery retailer
  • pushing countless start ups from go to grow in record time
  • building businesses for maximum resale value
  • working with and empowering business owners to better understand and connect with their audience
  • training some of the top social media managers in Australia to thrive in this constantly changing industry


Why choose Kristy?

Kristy’s social media training and strategy sessions leave clients feeling the buzz!  She guarantees every session fills you with ideas and inspiration and a new perspective on social media results.   Want a preview?  Check out her latest masterclass notes here.

Influencer marketing as part of your strategy

Your social media strategy goes beyond buzz marketing and regular posting.  Your strategy identifies your financial and business goals and clearly plans to meet and exceed them.  Influencer marketing isn’t just about shout outs, it’s about crafting a brand, a social presence and a mailing list that fortifies your bottom line and delivers real results.

Want a Social Media Strategy that will leave your competitors gobsmacked?

 Contact Kristy today.