Planning a big campaign?  Influencer Marketing is instrumental in making your campaign a buzzworthy success – and we can help create that buzz across all your social channels.  Hit them with your message everywhere they turn.  BuzzSocial founding partner Kristy Edwards influences over a million Australians a week, she can help you reach the right Australians for your campaign.  Let Kristy build up your socials and create a bigger, buzzier audience for your upcoming social media campaigns.

Professional Social Media Campaigns

Having a professional social media manager on board means your campaigns will give maximum impact on every platform.  Kristy’s social campaign strategies include:

  • Optimum engagement practices for every social platform
  • Creating a meaningful message that generates buzz
  • Carefully tracked ROI so you can see the value of your social spend
  • Brand and message consistency, tailored to different audiences
  • Built in strategies for soft and hard conversions
  • A clear and KPI driven overarching strategy that ensures you’re getting optimum results

Campaign Services

  • Influencer management
  • Content creation and curation
  • Content upload
  • Conversation curation
  • Pre-launch profile prep
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Google Analytics measurement
  • Email blasts and list building
  • Lead page set up
  • Adwords and Social PPC advertising
  • Follow up conversion tactics

Don’t you want more ROI from your influencer campaign?

One word – proven.  Kristy’s proven success with high impact, buzz generating social media campaigns means that you’ll see excellent ROI and enjoy precision social media marketing, without the stress!  Want proof?  Talk to Kristy about your social media campaign and get insights into what the big brands are doing and how you can do it too.

Invest.  Don’t Spend.  Are you keen on better campaign ROI?

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