Want the most from your post?  Here are the tips, tricks and best practices for social media marketing that the pros use.  Social media best practices change often, so be sure to check back to this page every time you book an influencer.

Facebook Page best practices

Your Facebook Influencer will share the pinned post on your page at peak time during the date range you specify in your booking.

To pin a post, simply create amazing content and then use the down arrow button to “Pin To Top”.

Social Mediia Best Practice - Pin a Featured Post

Be sure to pin this post prior to the promotion going live.  Your influencer may write an introduction to the share in line with social media best practices – tailoring your message to her audience.  If you don’t pin a post in time for the promotion, your influencer will share content from your page that is most relevant to her audience.   Your pinned post will be the first thing people see on both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook.

What to put in your pinned post

  • An absolutely stunning image.  The kind of image that stops scrolling!  This is vital.  It’s at the core of all social media best practices.
  • An attention grabbing headline that makes them want to read on.
  • A snappy explanation of why your product or service is beneficial to them.


What to avoid in your pinned post

  • Hard sell terms like sale, win, offer, deal, discount etc.  Note that these terms severely limit Facebook post reach and will hinder the reach of your post.
  • Offensive terms.  If you accidentally or intentionally include a term that is offensive to any group, your influencer will instead share more appropriate content from your wall.  This includes sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic and taboo language.
  • Lots of words.  Your image must contain less than 20% text.  If you include too much text, your influencer will be unable to provide you with a boost to grow reach.
  • Overt click bait.  If you’re tempted to write “this download will shock you”, just don’t.  Overt clickbait is a big turn off for Facebook readers.  Instead focus on the value of your product or service to new audiences.
  • A novel.  Keep it short and simple. Stick to one idea.  Don’t try to sell them the world in one shout out.


Facebook Group best practicesThere are 8 billion daily video views on Facebook

Your Facebook Group Influencer will share the pinned post on your page at peak time during the date range you specify in your booking.  They will pin it to their group for 48 hours.

To pin a post, simply create amazing content and then use the down arrow button to “Pin To Top”.(See instructions above).

To get the most out of your group pinned post we recommend that you pin an offer/sale/reason to click through to your website. This is the opposite of what we recommend for a Facebook post. Groups work on a different algorithm so you can add more text to your image.

Instagram best practices

insta stat

Your Instagram Influencer will search your feed for the post that is hashtagged #buzzspon it is important that you use this tag so that the Influencer knows which post your would like regrammed. If it’s not hashtagged, your Influencer will regram the most relevant post to her audience.  Please use your own hashtag or relevant industry tags on the post. The Influencer will include these. 

What to put in your pinned post:

  • An image that pops! Or a video that will create buzz! Instagram is a visual platform,
  • Make sure that your image is the correct dimension for an Instagram post, ( see posting sizes article here)
  • Before you create your image check our your Influencers account, take a look at what their audience responds to and try to create an image that will resonate with that audience.


What not to put in your pinned post

  • No dull images
  • If you do not hashtag an image the Influencer will choose an image from your feed.
  • No hard sell, Instagram is not about the hard sell, the aim of your post is “raise awareness” of your business/ product. Not to create direct sales ( If they happen it is a bonus)


Twitter best practices

Twitter is a fast moving platform, which is why your tweet will go out five times on your Influcencer’s twitter feed.


What to Tweet:

  • Make sure that your tweet, including link and image is less than 140 characters.
  • Check out your influencers account before your write your tweet, what do they get the most traction on? Does their audience love articles? Do you have a blog post that would go down well? Are you offering a training course that will resonate with your audience? The possibilities are endless.
  • Make sure that you use the tag #buzzspon on your post as well as relevant industry hashtags.
  • Add a CTA to your post, give the influencers audience a reason to act now.


What not to tweet:

  • Short, sharp and attention grabbing call to action
  • If you use an image, make sure that it pops!

Pinterest best practices

Your Pinterest influencer will re pin/upload five of your pins, if you already have pins that have great stats then we recommend that you use these pins.

What to Pin:

  • Create long pins if possible, flat lay images will not create any buzz.
  • Make your pins look great, use a platform like Canva and make sure that you include your URL on your image
  • Look at your Influencer’s account and create pins that will resonate with their audience, this will be simple if you have picked an influencer that has an audience similar to yours.

What not to Pin:


  • Don’t use flat lay images.  Make them fab!
  • Don’t add to much information to the image




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