If SEO is dead then Content Marketing is its ghost and it’s making a lot of noise!  We combine traditional  SEO with engaging content marketing to pull more authentic customers into your site.  Content Marketing is about exposing and amplifying your brand through highly engaging web content – we build in all the traditional SEO elements to ensure you get the very best results.  Content driven SEO means sustainable SEO growth because your links last longer and get more clicks.  Our approach to SEO is all about long term growth, not spamming!

Meet BuzzSocial’s Content Marketing Partner

BuzzSocial is one half the brain child of Dana Flannery.  Dana’s business Talk About Creative carries a killer reputation for excellence in content driven SEO campaigns.  Talk About Creative is a team of 30 professional content producers and digital professionals.  Unlike SEO companies that focus on low quality link building, Talk About Creative has always been about authentic engagement of the audience.  Dana’s Content Marketing/SEO hybrid includes extensive experience with influencer marketing – and so, in partnership with social media extraordinaire Kristy Edwards, BuzzSocial was hatched.

Content driven SEO Campaigns

Want to make the most of your Influencer Marketing Campaign?  Talk to Talk About Creative about engaging copy for your landing page, a content funnel that will keep them on the site or a lead magnet that will help you keep them forever.  Influencer Marketing drives more people into your sales funnel – Talk About Creative can help you convert them.  Everything we do helps drive you more Google traffic too.

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