The Science of Online Influncers in Marketing

What do social media influencers, physicists and epidemiologists have in common?  The methodology for predicting successful content on social media platforms.  We’ve drawn from two methodologies (one physics based and one a study in pathogens) that have successfully been applied to social media “virality” via online influencers.

The results?  BuzzSocial.

Traditional Influencer Marketing Vs BuzzSocial Model

Traditional Social Influencer Outreach has been about booking the biggest influencer (at tens of thousands of dollars a pop) to tell their one market about your product or service.  This provides a single “touch point” for the audience and then rapidly disappears.  This leaves those that have no friends following the influencer as an untapped market.

Single Touch Point Influencer Outreach


Online Influencers in Nodes and Networks

We love Google data. We love social metrics.  We also know the ins and outs of traditional media measurement.  We took our passion for metrics and quantifiable data a step further and built BuzzSocial on proven scientific studies into the nature of social influence.

“Thus, the node and network co-evolve, where the node impacts the network and the network impacts the node, creating an

intertwined effect of centrality and relative position of the node.”

Nature Magazine, by University of Notre Dame, 2015 (see original data at the University of Notre Dame).

The influencers and Buzz network (our clients and our partners) evolve together.  The influencer impacts the network and the network impacts the influencer, creating an intertwined effect – a dedicated tribe with the influener’s authority at the centre – or words to that effect.

A 2013 study found that influencers drive virality via homophily in a closed network.  In short, your target market will adopt and share your message if it attracts the love of an influencer and reflects their own passions.  Your “closed network” may be “Australian women aged 25-44 who have young children and are frequent Facebook users” or it may be “plumbers in Brisbane who are frequently on Twitter”.

Online Influencers - Multi touch model


How to “tap into homophily”

“The love of the same – the tendency of individuals to bond with similar others”.  Understanding your market and what they respond to is key to getting the most from your BuzzSocial campaign.  As multiple, smaller influencers spread the word into their network, their audience sees your message from multiple trusted brands – creating the perception that your brand is “viral”.  Create amazing content that inspires your audience to action and be sure you follow the principles of a perfect post to leverage the best results.


Our exclusive social network – and how you can join us

We’ve already built an extensive and targeted network of 18-54, cashed-up Australian online shoppers (what your traditional media company will call the purchase decision-makers and grocery buyers). Your online influencers are positioned at the centre of this million strong network. Your brand becomes intrinsically linked to the influencers and becomes a part of “the tribe”. When you reach an audience member (a touch) from multiple influencers in one network, you don’t just get “exposure” your audience sense that you are a viral brand, something everyone is talking about, the next big thing…

Unlike an agency with nothing but rockstars on their books, we use this modelling to ensure that you can make multiple touches in each campaign, on the same budget. Instead of a single and very expensive burst of exposure to a single audience, BuzzSocial delivers longer campaigns via multiple touches that can be achieved on an SME budget.

When they see your content from one source, their friends commenting on another source, and shares from all over our network – your brand becomes IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. It becomes something to be sought out and snaffled up. We connect your brand with an authentic influencer, creatively executed ideas and cutting edge, well-respected research to create something amazing.  It’s social media marketing campaigns, just done to the scientific method.