Australia: Get More Followers on Twitter Now

Got a fast moving business that thrives on public relations – you need to get more followers on Twitter!  Twitter is 140 characters of branding bliss.   So how does an Australian business get more REAL followers on Twitter?  Book our authentic Australian Twitter Inflencers to retweet you to their engaged and sizable audiences.  Target the right, established Twitter followings – so you don’t have to build yours from scratch!


Twitter UsersWhat you get:

  • Five retweets to an influencer’s feed or five tweets about existing website content
  • Your business hashtag, influencer hashtag and relevant industry hashtags added.
  • Your brand in front of the right audience
  • Campaign admin
  • Full reporting

Why choose Twitter for your Influencer campaign?

Twitter is the best platform for the 18-29 year old crowd (although it has 30 million older users).  Twitter users are predominantly male and tend to make good money.  About 19% of Australians regularly use Twitter.  Twitter is ideal if your business has big news to share as it’s a fast paced in the “now” social platform.  You’ll receive five retweets of your big news over the campaign period – the Twitter feed moves fast, so reposting is best practice.  Twitter is the ideal platform if you’re hoping to reach some younger men with your next campaign.  Get more followers on Twitter and specify the content you want shared for your big launch!

TwitterTweets that get more followers

Tweets must contain 140 characters or fewer.  To get more followers on Twitter, your tweet should grab some serious attention and stick to one, compelling message.  You should add an attention grabbing image, video or gif to stand out in the fast moving, text heavy Twitter world.  Research some hashtags that will spread your tweet far and wide – and keep the broader audience in mind.  Not sure what to tweet?  Check out our guide to great social media posting here.

Do I need a Twitter account or can you just Tweet about my website?

When you brief your campaign, you’ll be asked to give some information about your message.  If you don’t have a Twitter account (and therefore don’t care about building more followers on the platform) then you can ask for a Tweet about a specific page on your website.  However, to avoid drama, we ask that they page be live at the time of the booking, and contain relevant news for our influencers to share.