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Facebook is the ultimate resource for businesses – their customers visit often, stay long and leave a like when they do.  It’s also every brand’s nightmare because Facebook “changes the rules” and puts up barriers to getting more fans.  You can get more Facebook followers with ads, you can even buy Facebook fans (yuck) but earning Facebook fans is the best way to see real conversions and sales.  BuzzSocial is the only Australia focused way to get real Facebook followers fast.

What you get:

  • A Facebook shoutout via share from your facebook page or share from your website. The post will tag your facebook page or link to your website.  Share a image, blog post or video. It’s up to you, just let us know what you would prefer.
  • Starter boost to kick things off, targeted to your audience.
  • Your message in front of the right audience
  • Campaign admin- Let BuzzSocial take the stress out on your campaign, sit back, relax and enjoy your outreach experience.
  • Full reporting – At the end of you campaign period BuzzSocial will send you a full report on your campaign, perfect to compare against previous campaigns and use a benchmark for your future influencer outreach success.


Facebook Users MenGet real Facebook followers, fast

Hacking Facebook growth is about tapping into the right established fan bases.  Why build your tribe one painful, time consuming like at a time when you can sign them up in batches?  Facebook Ads are an excellent tool for starter pages but they don’t come “pre-warmed” with intrinsic trust and enthusiasm.  When an influencer recommends your brand, shares your content or endorses your products, their followers believe in your brand and flock to your page.

Build REAL, Australian followers fast by tapping into influencer marketing on Facebook.

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Why a share, Not a post?

Facebook’s definition of “branded content” limits the influencer’s ability to generate original content about your brand.

Important: Why you should never buy Facebook fans

9Facebook has the most advanced algorithm of all the social media networks.  Buying Facebook fans doesn’t just put you at risk of a page close down (and some whoppers have been deleted without notice) it negatively effects your page performance over time. If you buy Facebook followers, your fan page will be “liked” by robots with “fake profiles”.  It might look great to have a thousand new fans, in theory.  If all you really want from Facebook is a “credible presence” it may seem like a quick, cheap solution.  The truth is though, a thousand empty likes looks bad.  Your customers will see that your brand has no value and no loyalty. Worse than that, Facebook will know.

The Facebook algorithm is all about percentages.    The number of followers you have in relation to your page’s engagement levels.  If you buy your first 1000 and then build another 1000 authentic, engaged Australian likers, you’ll still only have a maximum of 50% engagement.  With Facebook reach so temperamental and getting lower all the time, starting this far behind the line spells long term disaster.  And deleting followers is a total pain.