Facebook Group Marketing is the untapped social media gold mine.  When so many brands are competing for social space, Facebook Group Marketing delivers instant cut through. Bypass the challenges of Facebook Page shoutouts and see your brand front and centre in a highly engaged Facebook Group.  Facebook Groups are all about trusted word of mouth marketing and the members are dedicated to their exclusive community.  We’ve hand picked the most engaged and lively Facebook Groups and pinned a place for you.  No limitations on reach, no need to boost posts, laser targeted audiences… they’re the ultimate way to engage!

fb group statWhat you get with Facebook Group Marketing:

  • Group admin share with your message and artwork
  • Stellar cut-through for front and centre word of mouth
  • Perfect for B2B sales (and B2C too)
  • Group specific call to action
  • Your message in front of a highly engaged audience
  • Campaign admin
  • Full reporting


Get real sales from Facebook

Facebook Group Marketing delivers stellar cut through.  Facebook groups marketing is all about driving them from Facebook to your website to take you up on your offer or read your post.  The audience needs your product.  They rely on their groups for trusted word of mouth recommendations.  Become part of their exclusive tribe and let your brand take its place “with the cool kids”.  Facebook Group Marketing slashes through “advertising resistance” and makes your brand ‘part of the tribe”

See how Facebook Group Marketing’s instant cut through drives sales

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