Funny Babies
Funny Babies

5 Videos That Will Have You Chucking Your Birth Control

If you don’t have kids, these videos will make you go off your birth control!

These babies will make you wonder why you don’t have kids yet. So much cute!

Wobbles on gym equipment have never been so adorable


Babies take pure joy in bath and bedtime

Enjoy it while they’re little, fast forward ten years and these babies will need to be threatened, cajoled and physically forced into the shower!

If you love your dog, isn’t it time you got him a baby?

These pups LOVE LOVE LOVE their little playmates


 Babies literally change your outlook on life… by licking it.

Baby vs Glass.  Never look at your windows the same way again (because they’re going to be kind of gross from now on)

Admit it, you haven’t laughed this hard since you were two!

There’s nothing so infectious as a baby’s laugh.  Check out these delighted little people!


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